On January 12th 2017, we accomodate a visitation from eligible students of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). The visitation consist of 18 students.

The visitation, we believe, was both practical and educative. We arrange the visitation to 2 different sites, PT. Samudera Indonesia Coldstorindo and Adib Cold Logistic, prominent clients of PT. Mayekawa Indonesia. During the visitation, the visiting students took a closer look to the running compressors and directly observe what was studied theoretically in classes.

Mr. Asep Kurniawan, Director of PT. Mayekawa Indonesia, briefly present about the system operation used in the sites and enlighten any curiosity the students have in mind.

We hope that the visitation would be beneficial for the university, in general and for the visiting students, specifically.

We thank ITB for taking interest into PT. Mayekawa Indonesia and we also wish that we could arrange such educative visitation for other universities, companies and those interested parties in the future.