Spreading Values

Mayekawa Manufacturing Company has expanded its business by focusing on freezing and compression technologies ever since its establishment in 1924. As a thermal engineering company we have long contributed to providing business solutions to our customers based on these technologies and in turn continuously evolved our technology and services. Synchronization with customers' vision is the key, and in such Mayekawa has succeeded in creating a unique market where no other competitor can enter, thus freeing competitive energies for utilization in creative initiatives.


To explore a new horizon

Mayekawa has thus expanded its capability by combining R&D and manufacturing. For example in the food market, bny synthesizing Mayekawa's expertise in freezing technology with the customers' existing food production process, we are now developing new food processing technologies together with customers to dramatically improve flavors, tastes, colors, and smells of the final products.


Beyond the competition

Our development of myriad unique technologies derives from our unique approach; Basho management. Mayekawa, in each case, develops together with customers where we align our vision. We can thus closely integrate and synthesize ‘sense-based tacit knowledge’ and genuine experiences of the engineers from both parties having confident relation and constructive cooperation. We are now facing an era which will require much greater and deeper solutions and development, but Mayekawa is ready to fullfill these needs. We look forward to contributing to your success in this new, increasingly complex world by developing creative solutions and building close cooperation with you.